Lacazette: Arsenal Need Wonders for Champion

Lacazette: Arsenal Need Wonders for Champion

Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette said the defending team needed a great miracle to win the 2017-2018 Premier League trophy.

At the beginning of the season there are predicted six clubs that can win the prestigious title in England, where one of the Gunners but until the 17th week of London’s red appearance is not as expected where the team game is often inconsistent. Even in the last two matches this team made by Arsene Wenger must menia draw each contra Southampton and also West Ham United.

As a result Olivier Giroud Cs is now ranked seventh standings with 30 points packed. In contrast Manchester City’s last season failed miserably this season with his new ammunition unbeaten both in home games and away. Interestingly Pep Guardiola’s new team made only a one-time series when entertaining Everton in Etihad stadium.

Although The Citizens are still sitting sweet in the first rank, but Laca is in the boyong of Lyon with a fantastic transfer value that calls eternal rivals Manchester United can still slip in several games. Yet he still admits the overall City is very tough.

“It will be difficult to win at this point, where we need miracles,” Alexandre Lacazette told the media.

“City have a lot of defeat in the game and we know their record. But the goal to compete here is to qualify for the Champions League and we can extend the title is fantastic.

“My City has to say very good, where they are a lot of success and you reap the rewards themselves, but do not think they can not be defeated.”

While Lacazette himself until the 17th week recorded a new full-featured for 90 minutes once and the rest must be pulled out alternately with Giroud on the front lines in scoring affairs.

However, the French national team retainer was a good record of his goal in the first season which has membokukan eight goals.

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