Coming Ahead to Anfield, Spartak Moscow Give Loud Warning To Fans

Coming Ahead to Anfield, Spartak Moscow Give Loud Warning To Fans

Still opening the opportunity to qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League to make Spartak Moscow ready to try as much as possible in the last game counter-group phase Liverpool Judi bola.

The Russian Premier League champions are also hoping that their supporters will be orderly during their trip to Merseyside.

Like other clubs domiciled in eastern Europe especially Russia, Spartak has a fanatical support base. Most of the hard-line Spartak fans are commonly called ultras fans. Then the behavior of holiganism attaches itself to them.

Burning flares in stadiums, racially awkward songs, until banners containing provocative messages have become a regular agenda for Spartak fans. But the club wants this habit was arrested first so they avoid the fine, especially on away games to Anfield on Thursday (7/12) early morning hrs.

Given England fans always provoke more sentiment, Spartak became increasingly alert with their fans. With their position on the third ladder of Group E at this time of course they want to win and secure a ticket pass through the runner-up line while hoping Sevilla defeated Maribor. That way they can get away smoothly without having to deal with the UEFA disciplinary commission.

“(All fans) are prohibited from provocation and conflicting engagement with local residents, other soccer supporters, as well as applicable local laws,” Spartak wrote on his official website.

“We expect you all to stay away from the forbidden acts in Great Britain, including in the venues of the match and the path that other fans will go through.”

When meeting Maribor on the second matchday ago, Spartak also already threatened UEFA due to the actions of their supporters who light fireworks in the stadium. While a fine of £ 29,000 must be paid club management due to a banner that read ‘win or die’ in the match counter Liverpool on the first matchday.

The fine above is not the first penalty imposed for Spartak during the League Chamions this season. Previously they had also been told to compete without spectators when away games due to visit the headquarters Maribor medio last September. When the referee Deniz Aytkein injured due to Spartak fans. The German referee was hit by a flare that flashed on his head. (Source: Daily Mail)

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