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This is the opponent and test schedule Indonesia U-23 national team and Senior

This is the opponent and test schedule Indonesia U-23 national team and Senior

PSSI finally released the opponent along with the national team test schedule of senior Indonesia and U23 who plan to test in November this Two countries will certainly be opposed to the trial of Syria U-23 and Guyana.

The plan the national team Syiria U-23 get two opponents of the trial that against the national team Indonesia U-23 which will be faced on 16 November.

Continuing two days ago, they get a chance to try out Indonesia senior national team on 18 November. The last national team of Indonesia senior team of Guyana national team on Saturday (25/11).

“The PSSI will hold three test matches on 16, 18 and 25 November 2017. Syria’s Under-23 national team is a very strong team because they qualify for the U-23 Asian Cup,” said PSSI Secretary General Ratu Tisha.

“Then in the last game for this November, the senior team against Guyana,” said Tisha added.

Respect the domestic competition schedule

Guyana own opponent added Tisha, certainly will be counted FIFA. Although the match was held instead of concurrent FIFA Matchday calendar that was held 8-14 November 2017.

Tisha also explained why his side held a trial outside the FIFA agenda. According to him PSSI still respect the league schedule that entered the final phase, he did not want this trial will disrupt the concentration of clubs and players who are still focused in League 1.

“We deliberately staged outside the agenda of FIFA because they want players and clubs focus first in the League. As for Guyana match entered the agenda of FIFA. No matter if the match is registered outside the Fatch Matchday calendar, it can still be categorized as FIFA ‘A’ Match, “said Tisha.

Scored Goal To Goalkeeper, Samsul Arif Became Local Striker Buried

Scored Goal To Goalkeeper, Samsul Arif Became Local Striker Buried

The only goal created by Samsul Arif in the 67th minute delivered Persela Lamongan to win the match against Persib Bandung at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Sunday (22/10/2017) afternoon

For Persela squad who still suffered from the departure of Choirul Huda, Sunday (15/10/2017) and then, the motivation to give the best in every game continues to be done. This also applies to Samsul Arif.

“We know a week ago, our captain (Choirul Huda) left us I want to dedicate that goal (to the Persib goal) to him and also help Persela.Forwards we will fight for Persela, for the deceased too,” said Samsul Arif after the game.

Had recorded as penggawa Persib and now back costumed Persela make attackers born January 14, 1985 was seen motivated in the game.

Had seen less than the maximum in the first half, Samsul then prove his ability with a goal with a header header to goalkeeper Persib after receiving feedback cooked Saddil Ramdani at the second interval.

“Honestly I’m running out of ‘gasoline’ (power) We know the schedule is pretty solid The first half I might make a little mistake, but alhamdulillah second half I can score and bring Persela win,” he said.

“I think Persela has escaped relegation, but the three games ahead mean enough to us, players and coaches, the next game will be our selling point, so we have to stay focused,” Samsul said.

Leaving Persib and re-strengthening Persela in this season can be said to be the right decision for the players born in Bojonegoro.

“Honestly I want to add to my motivation and my spirit to go back to score and win, Alhamdulillah this season, especially the second round, I got a lot of opportunities here, I got a lot of training progress coach Aji (Santoso),” he said. .

One additional goal against Persib makes Samsul the only local striker capable of competing in the list of top scorers in the League 1 competition this season with a notch 15 goals.

Achievement Samsul equaled the incision of foreign striker Persipura Jayapura, Addison Alves.

The top three positions are still occupied by Bali United striker Sylvano Comvalius with 32 goals, followed by Marclei Santos with 21 goals, and Alberto “Beto” Goncalves from Sriwijaya FC with 17 goals.

“If every player would want to score a goal, let alone a striker, I personally, two years ago was like this, and I want to make it again (top scorer),” said Samsul.

PSSI and Police Tighten Security Team Indonesian National Team

PSSI and Police Tighten Security Team Indonesian National Team

PSSI will work together with the Indonesian National Police (Polri) to secure two friendly matches to be held at the Patriot Stadium in Bekasi on Wednesday (4/10). The plan, about 2,380 personnel who come from a combination of elements of Police and internal security PSSI will be involved for security.

As is known, the first match will feature the U-19 national team against Cambodia U19 national team on Wednesday (05/10/2017) at 18:30 pm. After this match is over, the second match brings together Indonesia’s senior national team against Cambodia. This match starts at 21:30 pm.

Head of Infrastructure Safety and Security PSSI Nugroho Setiawan said, learning from previous experience, PSSI seeks to improve the security system inside and outside the stadium.

“We have designed a security system that synergized with the police. Audience to the audience will be more stringent and we appeal to the fans not to bring goods that are forbidden to be brought into the stadium, “said Nugroho.

Some objects that are not allowed to be brought among supporters, cigarettes, firecrackers, laser lights, matches, cigarettes, smoke bombs, sticks and any kind of goods that can be used as weapons. In addition, also banners that read messages outside of soccer and sports.

Supporters are also not allowed to carry alcoholic beverages. “We want the safety and comfort issues of watching at the stadium we watch together. Therefore we [PSSI] also expect awareness and cooperation from all parties. We want to create an atmosphere that is comfortable to watch and safe for all, “said Nugroho.

Security Issues

Indonesian national team U-19, Rafli Mursalim
Muhammad Rafli Mursalim’s three goals against Brunei Darussalam proved himself to be one of the deadliest goalscoring machines for opponents in Myanmar’s AFF U-18 Cup. Rafli has collected 4 goals for the U-19 national team Indonesia.

Secretary General of PSSI, Queen Tisha Destria explained, related issues of security and safety of spectators at the stadium is actually set in the FIFA Stadium Safety and Security Regulation.

“We will continue to campaign and socialize this. Of course we also expect help from other parties, such as clubs and the media. No less important is also the consciousness of the supporters. The point is the security of our shared responsibility, “Tisha explained.

Tisha is optimistic Indonesian football will continue to grow and become an industry. With the improvement of infrastructure, the stadium will become one of the recreational destinations. People not only come to support his team, but also enjoy the atmosphere of the stadium with a sense of security and comfort.